I ♥ MY DOG ®

A story of Love, Friendship and Fun
I ♥ MY DOG ® is a brand grounded on strong values that represent its distinctiveness: love for animals, friendship and fun.

I ♥ MY DOG ® is a meaningful statement fully shared by million people around the world.

The story telling
The story telling of the brand is simple and clear: it tells of the unique relationships and interactions we create with our beloved best friends, our dogs.

Key Brand Pillars
These pillars are areas and themes that resonate with our public. They are a fundamental part of our Brand storytelling: FRIENDSHIP, INTIMACY, CARE, LOYALTY, PLAY, FUN.

Consumer target
We have a wide range of potential customers covering almost all age groups: Kids, Young adults (female target), Adults , Senior adults.
They each may have different emotional and practical relationship with their dogs but they all share the statement of the brand I ♥ MY DOG ®.

UE Presence
(% dogs on total population): Portugal: 17%; UK: 13 %; Italy : 12%; Spain: 12%; Belgium: 12%; France: 11%; Netherlands:10%; Germany: 7%.

Italian families with animals:
55% « The number of people living with one or more animals is steadily increasing and they are spending more and more for their animals» (www.comportamentoanimale.it)

Licensing strategy
The Brand I ♥ MY DOG ® is authentically devoted to envisioning, designing and commercializing products to support the expression of love towards our beloved dogs.

Key Categories:
Bags, travel bags, etc.
Apparel (Kids and Young adults)
Home textile

Pet Food
Pet Personal Care products
Pet Accessories (Licensee: Fashionstreetwear)

Style Guide
Our Style Guide expresses the true essence of the Brand as well as the different inspirational areas where the Brand can be used.

The White area is dedicated to the Licensees who are looking for classical and iconic inspiration. It’s a gender neutral design.
The Pink area interprets a stylish, glittering and highly feminine design.
The Black area is the more contemporary and young area.